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I bought a dress from Eric Dress. It took a long time to arrive but whatever, I was happy when it arrived.

Up to I unpacked the dress.. It was supposed to be brand new, yet, there was white lines on many places on the fabric (the dress was mostly blue) . Apparently, the fabric was really cheap and/or badly dyed. It was on the front, on the back, on top, bottom...

Really noticeable. It was supposed to be a dressy dress, so it was just unwearable. I asked for a refund, but then, oh my god, this is impossible. They just offered something ridiculous (like 5$ when you paid more than 30$ ) then they make you wait and wait up to you loose patience.

I've tried to escalate with Pay Pal, I trust PayPal, but up to now they didn't solve the problem. I still have some faith but I think I just got Scammed! That's what they do, they offer you damaged things, make you pay, then if they have to give you a bit back, they still make money at the end, right? They told me to send them the item back to china, but then the shipping costs a lot.

They don't pay for that.. So at the end you spend more, and there is no guarantee that they will give you your money back.. Lots of people here said they didn't receive any refund even after returning their items so.... BTW, if the reviews here are not enough of a red flag for you, then just try to write a review on their website..

Oh, there is a space, so apparently you can write it, but try writing it.. Even with an account of their website, you can'T! So they don't want reviews!

Then, where do the reviews come from? I guess from themselves!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ericdress Dress.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1221786

You call your bank to dispute. They'll give you a temporary refund right away, but you have to show that you sent it back.

Like USPS postal mailing receipt as a proof with tracking number.

The bank will dispute it for you. Once you have that proof of return, they can't argue and the refund becomes permanent after 45 days.

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #1216041

This company is based in Korea. They use images of clothing from real, reputable websites and make cheap copies to sell to customers.

Before I order anything online, I check out the company. Where the company is based will tell you a lot about the quality of their products.

Sorry this happened to you. There are literally hundreds of clothing sites out there exactly like this one and they love to advertise on Social networking sites, so beware.

to Anonymous #1417007

You are right! It is so unfotunate because there are many reputable sites online.

I chalk it up to a learning experience. I am now very leary about buying anything online unless I am familiar with the company.

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